Unlocking income opportunities on your farm 
In these times of uncertainty with the implications of Brexit, subsidy withdrawal and the yet-to-be-realised global consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, challenges within the agricultural sector seem more testing than ever. So it comes to no surprise that according to recently released DEFRA statistics, 65% of farmers have undertaken diversification in some form to generate support income. 
Diversification can be a very positive transition, when approached with the right amount of research and planning, providing a multifaceted business to weather the storms. 
Arcadia Planning & Development is offering an exciting new opportunity for farmers and landowners who are looking to diversify their land and business, in order to generate extra revenue on the farm. 
For many, running a sustainable business means utilising assets, including existing land and buildings for alternative uses. In many cases, it is important to ensure that prior to the any financial outlay, planning permission is secured. 
Planning guidance and attitudes can vary across the country, with planning policy open to interpretation and decisions influenced by local issues. Arcadia Planning & Development specialise in rural planning and have extensive experience in delivering a range of projects assisting farmers and landowners with diversification from core farming operations. 
Lindsey Wright, founder of Arcadia Planning & development, says, “We understand the real heart of rural business and the issues faced when seeking permission. Our planners are able to guide you through the ever changing development world, combining knowledge and relationships to help you succeed.” 
If you are a farmer or landowner and are curious to realise the potential diversification or development opportunities of your assets, or wish to have a no obligation discussion with a specialist advisor, contact us today. 
What’s in a name? 
Welcome to Arcadia Planning & Development. The big day has finally arrived, our new website is live! We are a new consultancy that specialise in everything planning and project management related. 
When deciding on what to call the business, we wanted to find a unique name that clearly portrayed our vision and values. 
When we stumbled across ‘Arcadia’ it quickly became apparent that it needed to somehow feature in our core identity. With classical origins, Arcadia was a geographical province of Greece which dates to antiquity. 
The term refers latterly to an imaginary idyllic paradise; immortalized in poetry and art as an idealised space associated with perfect, splendour and harmony; an unspoiled wilderness, commonly thought of as being in line with Utopian ideals. 
Arcadia became synonymous with an image or idea of an idyllic location or paradise, and is now used to describe any place of rural peace and simplicity. 
Our experience in the development industry has given us an appreciation of the intricacies of the relationships between the built environment, human activity and the natural landscape. It is a subject we are passionate about sharing with others, through the creation, management and celebration of spaces and places. 
The clear and powerful imagery that Arcadia evokes conveys a meaningful and positive message relating to the development industry. This is why we have chosen Arcadia Planning & Development as our company name. 
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